Newsletter - 27th June 2019 

From the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,


 Lord, we believe you are in our world;

You seem to hide, but it is for us to find you.                       

So give us eyes that we may see your presence

In everything around us, and help others see.

Open our ears, to hear your voice gently calling.

Let us have a light heart and a spirit of laughter;

To celebrate life and to enjoy each moment you

Have given us.

May we be Good News to all.

Teach us to share your Gospel and to recognise it in others too.

Catholic Education Week:

Catholic Education Week (CEW)  commences on Sunday 14 August. Corpus Christi Catholic School will be taking 25 students from across grades to attend the CEW Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral on Thursday 18 August.

During the week, the Southern Recognition Awards will be presented at a ceremony to be held at Guilford Young College Glenorchy, commencing at 4:00pm.

Parent/Teacher Consultations:

The Parent/Teacher Consultations were well attended with many thanks to the teachers and parents who were available to attend. Grade 4SL Parent/Teacher will be on Tuesday 9 August 3:20pm-5:00pm.


Bravehearts, is an Educational Program empowering children to keep safe. They will be visiting Corpus Christi on Wednesday 10 August with Classes from Kindergarten to Grade 3 attending.

School Crossing and Crossing the Road:

Please do not drop students off in Alma Street near the crossing guard in the areas marked as NO STANDING as it is difficult to see other vehicles approaching when attempting to cross the road.

Please discuss with students road safety rules. Recently we have had some near misses with students crossing the road in Bignell/Ormond Street and not obeying road safety rules.


Congratulations to the following students for their participation in the ICAS Digital Technologies and Science Tests:

Digital Technologies:

Participation: Luke Turner, Isabelle Gan-Pain, Liam Lynch, Reese Noye, Cole Pinnington, Lara Schultz

Merit: Rupert Gan-Pain, Alexander Hingston

Credit: Eve Cooper, Ava Schultz

Distinction: Chris Turner, Amelia Collinson, Inara Cruise


Participation: Jessica Cooper, Gabs Foale, Luke Turner, Isabelle Gan-Pain, Reese Noye, Lara Schultz, Rupert Gan-Pain

Merit: Joshua Curtis, Amelia Collinson, Emily Cooper, Ava Schultz

Credit: Lachlan Macgill, Cameron Dunne, Liam Lynch, Cole Pinnington

Distinction: Amelie Cox, Chris Turner

Mary Turnock


Nano Rewards

Congratulations to the following students who have received Nano rewards over the past fortnight …..

Gold Nano - Emily Cooper 3T, Riley O’Connor 1A, Ayzia McCarthy 1A, Lily Bannister 1UG, Amaya Yee 1UG, Louis Sylvester 1A, Reese Noye 5MM, Mihali Moshovakos Prep G, Preston Cornish Prep G and Andrew Marshall Prep G

Silver Nano - Judd Pollard 3T, Rose Kenna 1UG, Hayley Mills 1A, Zavier Dadswell-Booth 1UG, Rohan Tilyard 1A, Lachie Gillies 5MM, George Heroys Prep FM, Xavier …

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Badminton in PE:

Last week as a culminating lesson in racquet skills the Grade 3-6 children were all given the opportunity to play badminton. We were lucky enough to have development coaches from the Southern Tasmania Badminton Association help out. The children all had a great time and learned many new skills. There were many questions about how to get involved and as such the following link is provided.

For information about social and competition badminton please go to www.southerntasbadminton.com.au.

Upcoming Events & Excursions to Note

Friday 5 August 

• Grade 5/6 Netball/Football Roster

Tuesday 9 August

• Kinder B Excursion - Salamanca Fresh

• Optional Parent Teacher Consultations Grade 4SL

Friday 12 August

• Kinder C Excursion - Salamanca Fresh

• Grade 5/6 Netball/Football Roster

Tuesday 16 August

• ICAS Mathematics Test

Wednesday 17 August

• Early Years Assembly Kinder to Grade 2 - 12:15pm

Friday 19 August

• Grade 5/6 Netball/Football Roster

Tuesday 23 August

• Kinder B Excursion - Rosny Library

Tuesday 23 August - Friday 26 August

• Book Fair - Library

Thursday 25 August

• Kinder C Excursion - Rosny Library

Friday 26 August

• Primary Assembly - Grades 3-6 - 9:00am

• Grade 5/6 Netball/Football Roster

Fees & Levies

The next SCHEDULED EFTPOS Payment will be processed on Wednesday 10 August 2016 and the SCHEDULED DIRECT DEBIT Payment will be processed on Wednesday 17 August 2016.  

Parents and Friends Association


The next meeting of the P&F is Monday 5 September at 7:00pm in the Library.  All are welcome to attend.

CHOCOLATES: Chocolate money was due by last Friday 29 July 2016.  Please forward any unsold chocolates and payment to the office  as soon as possible. Reminder: You can pay by using the Qkr! app, EFT or cash in the envelope provided in the …

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Working with Vulnerable People Registration

Volunteers In accordance with Tasmanian State Government legislation for Working With Vulnerable People, everyone who currently works or volunteers in Non-Government schools must have a Working with Children Registration. Information regarding the legislation and online registration is available at http://www.justice.tas.gov.au/working_with_children. Once your card has been received, please forward a copy to the School Office for verification prior to volunteering.

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Community News (Adverts / Sponsors)

• GYC Musical

• Play Club Waterpolo

• Introduction to Coder Courses

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