About Us

At Corpus Christi we promote

cc-bullet-32Gospel Values

cc-bullet-32Life Long Learning

cc-bullet-32Comprehensive Curriculum




Our Mission

The mission of the school is to provide a loving, caring and supportive environment where students are encouraged to grow in faith within a Catholic community and develop their full potential. We endeavour to promote among our community a strong sense of belonging in an atmosphere which recognises the important role that staff and parents play in the education of our students.  As an educational community, we promote life long learning by providing a student centered curriculum, which aims to equip Corpus Christi students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make learning easier now and in the future.

Corpus Christi Catholic School has engaged its key stakeholders over a number of years in a process of analysis and evaluation to embrace the school improvement process to strategically plan for the future directions.

Si Scires Donum Dei

If only you knew the gift of God