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In the Library with Mrs Brighella, Term 1, 2018

Celebrating with literacy, Scholastic book orders and Easter artwork has been a wonderful start to Term One in the Library. If you would like to help out in the Library,  come and  join in and have some  fun with issuing and returning books, helping our students choose the correct book for them,  or maybe do some book covering. Would you like to come in and help with your child’s class?  Remember, volunteers need a current WWVP card.

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Play and Learn: Creative Children

Corpus Christi Catholic School Play and Learn: Creative Children

Play and Learn: Creative Children is held every Tuesday from 9.30am-10.30am during the school term in Ballygriffin House at Corpus Christi Catholic School. Play and Learn is a free birth to 4 year old program.  Facilitated by Kinder staff, these sessions focus on fun and interactive activities for children. All welcome.   Further information is available here and also from the School Office.

Corpus Christi Catholic School Play and Learn: Mini-Movers

Based on feedback, Play and Learn: Mini-Movers will continue from 8.45am - 9.30am in Term 4 commencing from Tuesday 23rd October in the Hall.  Play and Learn: Mini-Movers is a perceptual motor program designed for pre-school children with a fine and motor skill focus. Just like Play and Learn: Creative Children, parents remain with their child and start with a whole group activity, broken into small stations before a plenary session at the end. Free fruit is available for all children and parents at the conclusion of the session.

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Kinder Enrolments 2019

Any current families looking to enrol their child into Kinder for 2019, or know of families outside of school, are asked to complete an enrolment form from the Office, or from the School Website, as soon as possible. Enrolment forms are dated when they are received at the Office. In previous years we have had waiting lists and families who do miss out on a Kinder place, so completion of enrolment forms early will assist our process.

Application forms may be emailed to

Enrolment form here.

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Parent Feedback

Corpus Christi Booklist Feedback

A reminder that the window for feedback will close this Friday 16 February at 3:00pm. We thank all families for their time in providing this feedback. Feedback is being collected through the Google Form link below:

Corpus Christi Communication Feedback

A reminder that the window for feedback will close this Friday 16 February at 3:00pm. We thank all families for their time in providing this feedback. Key themes and action will be shared with families in our next newsletter on Wednesday 28 February. Feedback is being collected through the Google Form link below:

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Return to School

  • Staff return to work on Monday 5 February 2018
  • Students return to school on Thursday 8 February 2018

Uniform Shop

To assist with back to school preparations, the Uniform Shop will open at the following times:-

  • Tuesday 6 February 2018                   12:00pm to 6:00pm

Please note that items may be pre-ordered via the Qkr! App and then collected from the Uniform Shop on this day or will be sent home via the Class baskets on Thursday 8 February 2018 

Normal Hours commencing Wednesday 14 February 2018 2:15pm to 3:15pm

School Office

The office will open from Thursday 8 February 2018 at 8:25am


The Canteen will be closed during the first week of Term.

Normal hours commencing Friday 16 February 2018 - FRIDAYS ONLY

A reminder that the Qkr! App is available to order Canteen items

Details of the Menu are available on the School Website –

Term Dates

Term 1:      Thursday 8 February to Friday 13 April

Term 2:      Monday 30 April to Friday 6 July

Term 3:      Monday 23 July to Friday 28 September

Term 4:      Monday 15 October to Thursday 20 December


Important Dates for Grades 5 and 6

Grade 6 Canberra Trip          Tuesday 10 April to Friday 13 April

Grade 5 Camp                        Wednesday 14 March to Friday 16 March


School Photos

Photos will be taken on Tuesday 29 May and Wednesday 30 May

2018 Class Book Lists

Arrangements for purchase of items included in 2018 Class Book Lists will be available on the School’s website by the end of this week.   Officeworks will be managing and co-ordinating this process.   Several purchase and payment methods are available that will meet the differing needs of all families.

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Nano Rewards - 20 December 2017

Congratulations to the following students who have received Nano rewards in Term 4 …..

Gold Nano - Summer Brasnja, Paige Collinson, Sophie Cunliffe, Sophie Fellowes, Archer Frey, Oscar Henley, Harrison Nadler, Eleanor Piets, Madeline Rossiter, Saxon Williams, Jack Clark-Sullivan, Louis Hurst, Xavier Cooper, Preston Cornish, Camila Cunningham, George Heroys, Tanaka Kurwaisimba, Amelia Leech, Felix Murray, Alex Reid, Molly Shelverton, William Stopp, Joseph Bricknell, Sebastian Cleaves, Caleb Close, Harriet Crawford, Hamish Dawkins, Edward Geeves, Casey McNeill, Riley O'Connor, Rohan Tilyard, Lucas Brown, Saskia Cox, Elliott Davies, Flynn Ellis-Wickham, Xavier Medina, Louis Sylvester, William Turner, Sophie Bealey, Daniel Deep, Archie Devine, Ryan Gunn, Pascal Tilyard, Samantha Warner, Anna Clingeleffer, Sophie Curtis, Hayley Geard, Max Sylvester, Halina Dadswell-Booth, Henry McCallum, Ava Ahern, Maisy Clark, Lachlan Davey, Fiona Dunne, Olivia Hunniford-Webb, Judd Pollard, Joey Rosson, Gemma Cohen, Gracie Bradburn, Jessica Bray, Sean Grant, Joseph McGann, Sarah Mulcahy, Charlotte Barnes, Owen Joseph and Jessica Ransley.

Silver Nano - Charlotte Direen, Lucy Hinchen, Jacob Kocharunchitt, Georgio Lambrakis, Alex Mizzen, Liam Briers, Ned Hill, Ewan Hurst, Ryder Jones, Harry Scott, Alexander Stephens, Charles Whitmore, Maddison Fairfield, Dotty French, Phoenix Bain, Lily Bannister, Walter Bradburn, Ashton Erp, Olive Frey, Amelia Lockley, Christian O'Brien, Maisie Reid, Samuel Sargent, Joshua Strachan-Barnes, Zavier Dadswell-Booth, Spencer Hallsworth, Charlotte Heaton, Annie Keane, Henry Mansfield, Maya Nugent, Amaya Yee, Sophie Aylett, Nicholas Chivers, Violet Halton, Isabella Heroys, Savannah Trimmer, Charlotte Voss, Laura Collinson, Charlotte Lowe, Natalia Sinclair, Lara Winzil-Lawler, Zoe Woodward, Maia Dobber, Sophie Eaton, Jacob Voss, Emily Cooper, Danielle Heaton, Nash Joseph, Belle Chasemore, Davina Cox and Mackenzie Williams.

Bronze Nano - Fraser Noonan, Campbell van den Berg, Kate Bolonja, Effie Brady, Finn Diamantis, Xavier Riboet, Kaiden Schluter, Paige Amos, Navreet Kaur, Asher Scott, Isabella Syrett, Lola Woodward, Hamish Zegveld, Summer Chilcott, Sam French, Rose Kenna, Samuel Lee, Prue Ridgeway, Finn Vallance, Kennedy Williams, Hayley Mills, Campbell Moore, Brock Voss, Lucy Allen, Amelia Cooper, Seth Cullen, Jameella Syrett, William Cooper, Nate Richardson, Christopher Turner, Sarah Bolonja, Bailey Shead, Ollie Hill, Olivia Longo, Lucas Skelly, Sophie Mead, Claire Murray and Harry Sylvester.

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