At Corpus Christi Catholic School we offer a healthy and varied Canteen Menu for lunch orders and counter sales. We use fresh, local ingredients where possible and aim to keep costs as low.

Management of the Canteen forms part of the School’s business operations and is conducted by School Office staff. The School Services Co-ordinator works in consultation with Office staff to co-ordinate the operational activities of the Canteen and guides and assists our group of volunteer helpers. If you are able to provide volunteer assistance, please complete and lodge a Registration of Interest as a Volunteer in the Canteen form.

The Canteen is a registered food business with the Clarence City Council.   Our School Services Co-ordinator is an accredited food handler and instructs all volunteers in correct food handling procedures.

Our Canteen is located on the school site next to the Hall and is open on Fridays.

How to Order

Orders can be placed in two ways.

  •   Online Orders

Install the smartphone QKR! app (pronounced 'quicker')

  •  Order via Class Basket

Orders may be lodged in the Class Basket in the morning. When using this system, please clearly write details of the order, including the name and grade of the student, on a brown paper bag and enclose the correct money. Place the paper bag in the Canteen Bag located in the Classroom.

Nuts and Eggs

Please note that whilst the Canteen is nut and egg aware, some items may contain traces of nuts or eggs that we may not be aware of.