This information is supplementary to that provided in the Parent Handbook upon enrolment. It is in summarised format only and is subject to change. Please contact staff at the Office if you have any queries or concerns.

  • Student absences are to be reported to the School Office prior to 8.45am.

    Medical Certificates are required for student absences of 5 or more days due to ill health.

    Written notification of planned absences are to be provided to the Principal.

    Appointments - Parents must sign student out/in at Office upon collection/return. If a person other than a parent is collecting the student, notification must be provided to the Class Teacher or Office staff.

    Report Child Absence

    Supervision of students commences at 8.15am and concludes at 3.15pm.

    If, due to extraordinary circumstances, students are at school outside of these hours, parents are strongly encouraged to enrol them in Outside School Hours Care. Information regarding this service is available at CatholicCare Tasmania

    All students on site between 8.15am and 8.25am who are not attending Outside School Hours Care are to report immediately to the amphitheatre where they will be supervised.

    If arrangements are made with other adults to collect a student, steps are to be taken to ensure that the student/s and their Class Teacher/s have been informed of the arrangement.

    Students should not be on school grounds outside of staff supervised hours.


    Each school afternoon, Metro Tasmania provides school bus services.   There are no school bus services in the morning.

    Details of the current year’s fees and levies are provided on the “Schedule of Fees” and further information is included in the “Terms and Conditions of Enrolment” that is part of the “Student Enrolment Application Form".

    Information relating to payment of fees and levies is issued to families at commencement of each school year.  A summary of this information is available under the "Enrolments", "Overview" tab. Press Link Here.

    In instances where an infectious condition is suspected, or has been diagnosed, immediate advice is to be provided to the School Office. This will enable prompt action in alerting other members of the school community and will assist to minimise the spread of infection.  This is particularly important for pregnant women and those with low immune systems.

    For information regarding infectious conditions refer to the Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council’s publication “Staying Healthy” that is available on their website. This is an extensive document and will take a little while to download.   It includes Fact Sheets for each listed infectious condition.

    If a student arrives later than 8.40am, he/she or the parent are required to sign in at the School Office.

    All “found” items are temporarily held at the School Office and if unclaimed, are disposed of after a reasonable amount of time, generally, at the end of each Term.

    Parents are reminded of the importance of providing current medical information in regard to students.    This is of particular urgency in situations where a student may have severe health issues such as anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes or heart conditions that require specific management plans.  Relevant details are to be provided to the School Office.

    If it is necessary for an urgent message to be passed on to your child/children, notification is to be provided to Office staff prior to 2.30pm.

    A very active and successful Parents & Friends Committee supports Corpus Christi Catholic School.

    Meetings are held on a monthly basis and members of the school community are invited to participate.

    In accord with Australian Privacy Principles (refer www.oaic.gov.au) it is contrary to Corpus Christi Catholic School’s ethos for photographs or film taken of students participating in school activities, other than your own children, to be publicly displayed without the prior permission of their parent/s.

    If a student is riding a bike to or from school they must wear appropriate protective equipment that complies with current Australian Standards and every precaution must be taken to reduce the risk of serious injury. “Kids on Wheels” is a Fact Sheet available from the Kidsafe Tasmania website that provides important and helpful advice on these matters.   Refer to Kids on Wheels

    During the school day, bikes are to be chained to the bike rack located behind the Staffroom. (Chains are to be provided by students.)

    No bikes are to be ridden within the school boundaries.


    In the interest of the safety and wellbeing of all members of our Parish and school community, particularly our children, please ensure that you are aware of all traffic signs located in and around the school grounds and are compliant with Tasmanian Road Rules (refer www.transport.tas.gov.au ).   Failure to comply is an offence and may attract the attention of Tasmania Police during routine spot checks.   Please be patient, careful and courteous when dropping off your children or when picking them up.


    • Please encourage children to refrain from accessing the boot of a vehicle in drop off zones.
    • Pedestrians are required to use pathways.
    • Staff members are on duty to assist with traffic flow. Please follow their instructions.
    • A Crossing Guard is in attendance at the designated crossing point located in Alma Street, just above the staff car park entrance, before and after school. Children and adults must only cross the road at this point.

    Car Park (Off Alma Street)

    • Reverse parking is required at all times unless parking in central spaces where you are able to safely drive in and out.
    • Parking spaces immediately adjacent to the Hall are allocated to school staff, as indicated by orange traffic cones.
    • From time to time, it may be necessary to temporarily restrict access to the lower car park, for example, when there is a funeral. Where possible, advance notice will be given.
    • Do not turn right into Alma Street during the hours of 8.00am - 9.30am and 1.30pm – 4.00pm during the school week.

    Drop Off and Pick Up

    • In order to minimise traffic congestion, please limit the time taken to drop off or pick up students.
    • Students may de dropped off and picked up from the designated lane located opposite the Grade 2 play equipment and marked with traffic cones. During the afternoon pick up time, please do not enter the car park until 3.05pm. This will allow time for students and any siblings, to join the "pick up line" and will assist in preventing a back up of vehicles.
    • Students may also be dropped off and picked up from the Bignell Street Turning Circle. Please drop off and pick up from the Circle and not from the Street.   To assist with traffic flow, do not enter Bignell Street by turning right from Ormond Street.   Instead, continue up Ormond Street, go around the turning circle and back down Ormond Street, to enter Bignell Street from the left.
    • If you need to leave your vehicle, please park in the designated areas, so as not to disrupt the flow of traffic.

    Staff Car Park (Adjacent to School Office)

    • Vehicle access is available ONLY to School staff and for receipt of deliveries.
    • Two disabled car park spaces are available.

    Students are discouraged from bringing “valuable” items to school.

    Mobile phones must be handed to the Class Teacher by 8.40am and may be collected at 3.00pm.

    Staff members are not responsible for the safety of students’ personal items.

    All visitors to the school, including parent helpers, contractors, those participating in excursions, meetings, Canteen and Uniform Shop volunteers, etc, are to report to the Office to register their arrival.  This is not necessary if visiting for only a very brief period, eg, dropping off lunch to a student.  Visitors will be issued with a numbered magnetic badge.  This must be worn at all times and be clearly visible.  Departure times must also be registered in the Office, at which time badges are to be returned.

    In accordance with Tasmanian State Government legislation, everyone who works or volunteers in Non-Government schools must have a Working with Vulnerable People Registration.

    Information regarding the legislation and online registration is available at http://www.justice.tas.gov.au/working_with_children .

    Once your card has been received, please forward a copy to the School Office for verification prior to volunteering.

  • Details of the current year’s fees and levies are provided on the “Schedule of Fees” and further information is included in the “Terms and Conditions of Enrolment” that is part of the “Student Enrolment Application Form".

    Information relating to payment of fees and levies is issued to families at commencement of each school year.  A summary of this information is available under the "Enrolments", "Overview" tab. Press Link Here.


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