Nano Rewards - 29 August 2018

Congratulations to the following students who have received Nano Rewards -

Gold Nano - Alex Riboet 4G, Maia Dobber 5R, Ally-Bree D'Silva 5G, Sienna Nowland 5R, Xavier Dadswell-Booth 3G

Silver Nano - Finn Rigby 4G, Nicholas Chivers 4R, Ava Schultz 5G, Samuel French 3G, Summer Chilcott 3G, Edward Geeves 3G, Hayley Owens 3G, Harry Marsh 4R

Bronze Nano - Meredith Fisher 5R, Ella Horswell 5G, Halina Dadswell-Booth 5G, Riley O'Connor 3G