Our school uniform is part of the proud history of Corpus Christi Catholic School and has evolved over time to continually meet the challenges and opportunities presented by progress and change.   The uniform is a highly visible symbol that has been designed to reflect the ethos of our school whilst fulfilling practical, educational and representational requirements.    It instils a recognisable sense of pride, equality and community in our students and is a valuable tool to encourage respect and responsibility.   For the comfort of students, the uniform is not subject to seasonal restrictions and provides flexibility in choice.

Management of the Uniform Shop forms part of the School’s business operations and is conducted by School Office staff.   The School Services Co-ordinator works in consultation with Office staff to co-ordinate the operational activities of the Uniform Shop.   Volunteer helpers from within the school community provide valuable and much appreciated assistance.   If you are able to provide volunteer assistance, please complete and lodge a “Registration of Interest as a Volunteer in the Uniform Shop” form.

The Uniform Shop is located on the school site and is open on Wednesday afternoons from 2.15pm to 3.15pm.

Please be sure to consider uniform needs well in advance.   If unsure of sizing, please check at the Uniform Shop.   Bulk orders are lodged with suppliers twice each year during Terms 1 and 3.  If sizes other than those listed as available on the Uniform Price List are required, arrangements may be made for a “special” order.   Delivery from suppliers generally takes up to 3 months.   Though every care is taken, it cannot be guaranteed that stock of all sizes and items will be available at all times.

Early Years Students (Kindergarten – Grade 2)

  • Early Years students wear the sport uniform consisting of either shorts or trackpants with the polo top and the rugby top.
  • The rugby top is a compulsory
  • Early Years students transition to the formal school uniform in Grade 3.

Primary Students (Grades 3 – 6)

Formal Uniform

The school jumper (or cardigan for girls) is a compulsory item.


  • Tartan skirt with EITHER short/long sleeved shirts and EITHER white socks or black tights.
  • Tartan trousers with EITHER short/long sleeved shirts and black socks.
  • Summer dress with white socks.


  • Grey trousers with EITHER short/long sleeved shirts and grey socks.
  • Grey shorts with EITHER short/long sleeved shirts and grey socks.

Sport Uniform

  • The sport uniform consists of either shorts or trackpants with the polo top and the rugby top.
  • The rugby top is a compulsory
  • Sport uniform is worn on days when specific activities occur as detailed below.   On all other occasions, students are to wear their formal uniform of choice.
  • Excursions - On most occasions, excursions are of an informal nature and the sport uniform will be worn. Advice of specific clothing requirements is included on each excursion notice that is sent home to parents.
  • Camps/Gr 6 Canberra Trip - Details of clothing requirements are included on the camp notices that are sent home to parents.
  • “Special” Occasions - From time to time there may be an activity or event for which it is deemed appropriate that students wear their sport uniform.   In instances such as this, parents will be provided with written advice.
  • Specific Lessons/Activities – For example, Drama or Sport lessons and Grade 5/6 Winter Sport Activities (Netball/Football).


The polar fleece is an optional item and can be worn over the school jumper/cardigan or rugby top.   It is not a substitute for the compulsory jumper/cardigan or rugby top.

Online Purchases

  • Install the smartphone Qkr app (pronounced ‘quicker’).
  • Purchases made using Qkr! are delivered to the eldest child in the family via the Class Basket each Wednesday.
  • Advice of arrangements for collection of purchases for pre-Kindergarten students is provided separately.

Counter Sales

  • EFTPOS facilities are available.
  • Cash/cheque payments will be accepted.
  • Direct Debit payment arrangements may be negotiated for purchases totalling $400.00, or more.


If it is necessary to exchange or return an item, it must be returned in original condition and unnamed.   Stock on hand permitting, exchanges will be made or alternately, a refund will be processed.