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Our Parish

Corpus Christi Catholic School is part of the Parish of Bellerive-Lindisfarne and Father Mark Freeman is our Parish Priest. The Sacramental Program is family centred, parish based and school supported. It is overseen by Father Richard and the Sacramental Team. Many students from our school participate in the Sacramental Program each year.

Father Richard’s involvement in our school continually strengthens the bonds of our School-Parish Partnership, which benefits all our students, staff and families. 


Parish Contact 

Corpus Christi Church & Presbytery 2 Alma Street Bellerive 7018 

Tel: (03) 6245-0501 

Fax: (03) 6244-2442 

Email – [email protected] 


Mass Times 


6:00pm – Church of the Incarnation (Bay Rd, Lindisfarne) 


8:30am – John Paul II Church (Mockridge Rd, Clarendon Vale) 

10:30am & 6:00pm Corpus Christi Church (Alma St, Bellerive)